5 top website design trends for selling services online

8 Aug , 2017 Latest News

5 top website design trends for selling services online

No matter what your website is for, no matter your niche, it all boils down to one thing. Making profit! Your website should be able to get customers and sell your products (that is if it is done well).

Although most people don’t count this as anything, your website design matters if you want to make sales. No one will want to patronize you if your website is looking awkward and archaic. We are in 2017 for crying out loud!

This is why I put together this article to give you 5 top website design trends for selling services and products online.

  1. Clear big pictures. We are humans; our emotions control about 90 percent of our actions. And what fuels our emotions? What we see and hear. The pictures you put on your website are very crucial to making sales online. Blurry images would make customers think less of your website and mostly likely would not buy whatever you are selling no matter how good they are. But having a clear, high-resolution image on your website gives the customers a sense of trust. Images speak as well. If the picture is very catchy, customers might be propelled to buy what you sell.
  1. Have your contact form above the fold. The top half of your site is above the fold. It is the first place visitors see. Whatever is above the fold would make the visitors decide to leave or stay. Knowing this, it is very necessary that your contact form is above the fold. Majority of the traffic visiting your website would see your contact form.
  1. Fresh looking design. No one would want to buy from a website that is outdated. Your website you be looking fresh and in vogue always. For instance, if you are a beauty blogger why have a website that looks like website from the 80’s? I would not trust that kind of beauty blogger talk less of buying anything from that site.
  1. Social proof. All customers want proof. And if you can’t give them proof, you are only joking. Make sure that your website consists of social shares, testimonials, customer reviews with ratings, and so on, just to show your visitors that they made the right decision coming to your website.
  1. Locations. Adding your location to your website would make you rank higher in search engines, and would also bring potential visitors to your sites. For instance, if you are a hair stylist in Chicago, and you add your location to your site when anyone searches for hair stylist in Chicago, your site would rank high in search engines.