Top Do’s and Don’ts for Selling Products Online

7 Aug , 2017 Latest News

Top Do’s and Don’ts for Selling Products Online

From the beginning of the creation of your online store there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. In the beginning your main focus should be on the products that you sell. As the pool of consumers increase, so do their needs, therefore it is important for sellers to keep up with their needs. As the competition increases in the market sellers must make sure to remember the do’s and don’ts for selling products online.


  • Display your products at its best

Every seller will make sure they invest in a proper photographer who will take flawless pictures of all of their products. A single resolution image is not enough to attract customers therefore it is important to upload pictures of the products which make the products look the best as well as pictures from every angle. 3D photography is an even better idea as it allows the customers to rotate the image from all angles.

  • Communicate with the customers

It is good for the customers to feel comfortable when they are on your online store, thus good communication is necessary. If a customer is visiting your site for the first time, a simple hello is good, however for the ones that are already registered; the online store should greet them with their name once they have logged in.

  • Keep things simple

It is advised that the navigation through pages is kept simple as it tends to be the key to success behind online businesses. If it takes a long time for the customer to search the site for a certain product, it is highly unlikely that he will return to the site again. It is better if the customer can make a purchase in just a few clicks as it will save him a lot of time.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of an image

The first thing a person does while visiting an online store is to look at the product. Visuals account for 90% of information sent out to the brain. Therefore it is important to get the correct image of the picture. The mistake of you not being able to put up a proper image can cost you a lot on your sales.

  • Don’t bombard people with messages

Even though many customers want to be up-to-date with sales and updates regarding the store they do not like being sent several emails as it can be quite irritating. It is important to know when to send out an email as it can lead to an increase your sales or the opposite.